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November 8, 2019
by mareerovatti


Year 5 have had a great start to Friday mornings with our STOMP dancing program. They have been challenged  with some complicated dance steps, performed to music that makes you want to join in. It has been pleasing to see some students stepping outside their comfort zone and trying an activity that they would not usually choose, whilst others can’t wait to perform.




November 1, 2019
by mareerovatti

Transition to Year 6

Today the Year 5 students took part in transition to Year 6, spending one session with the current Year 6 teachers. They will take part in three more transition days, on the 14th of November the 11th of December and the 17th of December. This will give them a chance to ask questions, relieve worries and get to know other teachers and students. The students will be in their 2020 grades with their 2020 teachers during the transition on the 17th of December.

lining up


October 30, 2019
by mareerovatti

Year 6 2020 Camp Information

As a follow up to a parent question about administering antiseptic solution to scrapes and cuts on camp,  please read the following guidelines:

The only antiseptic solution the school can administer is saline, a salt water solution to cuts and grazes. A cut that requires further attention would be referred to a local doctor for treatment , teachers acting in “loco parentis”.  Any other antiseptic could be provided by parent for child, clearly labelled with name and dosage on zip lock bag.

Scraped Knee


October 21, 2019
by mareerovatti

Week 3


Stomp notices and payment were due last Friday. This Friday will be the first session. Get some feedback about the session from your child and maybe they can show you some dance moves.


Family Education ends this week and the students should be bringing home their booklets. Have an open discussion with your child and make them aware that you are always there to answer any questions.



Yes, that’s right. It does say Year 6 camp. Notices have gone home on Monday and could they be returned as soon as possible to your child’s current classroom teacher. The camp will be held Week 3 of 2020 so a lot of preparation needs to be done before the end of the year.

Information night about the camp is Tuesday 29th October at 5.30 pm.


October 18, 2019
by mareerovatti


What’s black, white and read all over?! A newspaper of course! And this week in writing and reading we have started to explore – you guessed it – ‘everything NEWSPAPER! ‘

Some of the many areas we will investigate whilst studying newspaper articles include author bias, feature articles, opinion pieces, writing to suit an audience and newspaper structure.

Looking at and writing newspapers doesn’t just help us with our writing skills but keeps us up to date with all that is going on with the world. Did you know that a 13th century painting was found in a kitchen in Paris? Or that Australia has donated money for America’s Mars mission? Just ask your kids!

We are hoping that all our students will produce their own newspapers to share with you by the end of the term with lots of creative writing inside. It would be great for families to discuss some news stories from the newspaper or online with their children.



October 14, 2019
by mareerovatti

Telstra Kids Grant


Dear Parents,

If you are a Telstra employee you are eligible to register Laburnum Primary School for a $1200 Telstra Kids Grant. From Tuesday the 15th October through to Friday the 25th October eligible Telstra employees will be able to register for this grant on behalf of our school.

You must register online by the deadline. The system will then invite you to complete the grants process so that the Telstra Foundation can gift the Telstra Kids grant if your application is one of the automated “lottery-style” entries chosen.
The more entries there are for our school, the greater the chance our name will be randomly chosen.

So if you are a Telstra employee please hop online as soon as possible and register.

Jacqueline Purcell

Learning Specialist


August 16, 2019
by mrssime

Sex Education – Parent Information Session

Dear Parents and Carers,

A reminder that there will be a 1 hour information session for parents on Tuesday 20th August, 5:45pm-6:45pm in the LPS Library. This session will be run by Interrelate, the company providing Sex Education lessons for the year 5 and 6 students. Parents will gain an understanding of the information their children will be learning and there will be an opportunity for parents to ask questions and purchase literature to support their child through puberty.

We encourage all parents and carers to attend. This session is not suitable for students to attend and supervision will not be provided.

Mrs Narelle Sime

Leading Teacher – Engagement + Wellbeing

August 7, 2019
by mrssime

Camp Rumbug – Important information

Dear Parents,

Camp is almost here. We hope your child/children have been busy getting their items together, labelling and packing. Please make sure they have all the items on the list, everything is clearly labelled and you do the packing together. It is very important that they know where everything is in their luggage and identify their own belongings (even though it will be labelled). It will be cold and quite possibly wet, so please ensure that you send adequate clothing with your child, including a waterproof jacket and beanie. Please stack luggage along the fence on the footpath to enable the bus drivers to load when they arrive.

The students will need a snack and lunch for Monday. Please put them in a separate bag and NOT with their luggage. On this occasion, we prefer lunch in disposable packaging. Your child will require a named drink bottle.

Your child received a medication form this week that needs to be filled out and returned to school. It is for students who need medication while we are on camp or just in case medicine. Please be aware that teachers are not allowed to give any form of medication, including Panadol, without any written consent. Consent over the phone is not permitted. Teachers can only administer the medication you have sent with your child.

The students can come to school their normal time but please do not be late, with our departure time being at approximately 9:15. We will need to do a roll check and load the buses with all the luggage. We will be meeting at the front of the school, on the basketball courts.

On Wednesday afternoon we hope to be back before 3:30pm.  The office will notify you by the Skoolbag app  on the approximate time we will be returning. Once we have arrived you are welcome to pick up your child/children earlier but you must inform their classroom teacher that they are leaving. Do not take your child/ren until their name has been ticked off the list.

The teachers will have a school telephone with them if you need to contact your child. This phone is only for emergencies. The telephone number is 042 355 3016. Alternatively, you can contact the school office during school hours if you need to get a message to camp.

If you have any questions please contact the classroom teacher before Monday.

We are all looking forward to a fantastic camp.


 Year 5 Teachers

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