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Time does fly!


Amazing to think we are about to enter the last week of Term 1. The old saying must be true, ‘Time does fly when you are having fun, learning and making new friends’. This week in Grade 5 we have added to the growing list of experiences which have occupied the first 9 weeks of the school year. On Wednesday all of Grade 5 donned their sunhats and made the very enjoyable walk to Box Hill Central. This proved a very rewarding adventure giving students the opportunities to try different Asian cuisines linked directly to our Inquiry unit of ‘Why should we know our Neighbours?’ A huge congratulations needs to go to all Grade 5 students while on this excursion. Each student was respectful, well-mannered and responsible the entire time and represented themselves and Laburnum Primary School brilliantly.

With Camp information and notices going out this week, the reality has set in that we are 59 days away from what will be an exceptional, exciting and potentially muddy week away at Camp Rumbug. If parents could please return those notices as soon as possible it would be an enormous help.

 The final week of Term 1 proves to again be another busy one. With the Grade 6s away on camp the capable Grade 5s are left as the sole leaders and role models of the school in the final week. We are positive the Grade 5s will set a wonderful example leading into Term 2. Also, the Grade 5 Inquiry Expo will be taking place later in the week and is a terrific event where students display the demonstrations and presentations they have been working hard on to represent their Personal Inquiry. Finally, a friendly reminder that homework and the Inquiry Mindmap are due on Wednesday April 2nd.

Have a sensational weekend Legends.

The Grade 5 Team.

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