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Welcome to Term 3


We are half way through the year already! All of the teachers have had a great time seeing all of the students again and enjoyed hearing all about their holidays. We have all been so impressed by how efficiently the students have been able to settle back into the classroom routines.

This term, we are emphasising on one Habit of Mind each week. As a whole class we will discuss what the habit entails and how we can use each habit on a daily basis. This week we have started our fractions and decimals unit. The students have been working on equal fractions and deepening their understandings of the ‘part of a whole’ concept.
For Writing, we have recapped our holidays by writing a recount and are about to begin learning about information reports. The students are immersing themselves in the Science unit about Chemistry and are on the edge of their seats to dive into more experiments!

We hope you have a restful weekend after such a busy first week back at school! We are excited to celebrate each student’s learning throughout Semester 1, during the 3 Way Conferences next week. If you have not booked a time and would like to, please contact us as soon as possible.


Thank you,

The Year 5 Teachers

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