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What a busy week!


Hola Padres,

Over the course of this week the Year 5 students have been involved in some very exciting learning experiences.

Students have been writing their own information reports and have come up with some fantastic writing about our very own Laburnum Primary School.

In Chemical Science, we have continued to experiment with solids, liquids and gases. The students have made predictions, conducted experiments and drawn conclusions.

In Mathematics, we have continued to investigate fractions and decimals, as well as Area and Perimeter. Students completed a task where they used their spelling words and any other interesting words they could think and using grid paper they measured the area and perimeter. Some grades competed to see who could find words with the biggest area and perimeter. Could anyone find any that beat the champion score of over 50cm for the perimeter and over 20cm2 for the area?

Continue reading to hear from some students from 5M on their highlights from the week.


Hi, we are Saachi and Luvleen, and we would like to talk about our highlights of week 3. We have enjoyed a week full of fun games and activities and one of our favourites was Area and Perimeter. We also enjoyed practicing for the house atheletics and everyone involved themselves in a giant game of crossover.  We have appreciated a fun week of learning new and exciting things.

Hi, we are Tiyahni, Chloe and Violet and we are going to tell you about our week. This week we have done a lot of fun and exciting activities. One of our favourite activities was wellbeing. In wellbeing we are doing the “Habits of Mind”. In 5M we did “Listening with Understanding and Empathy”. This made us feel like we are learning to be a better person and getting to know our peers even better. We had a really great week!

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