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What Went Well in Year 5?


In a week filled with challenges and successes, Year Five students and teachers have continued to strive for accuracy in all things.

Athletics Day was a resounding success, with students participating with enthusiasm and a sense of humour. Personal bests added to the excitement, with many students going on to District Sports events this week.

Our inquiry unit has seen the students using code to create animations and games. In Mathematics, we continue to explore fractions, decimals and percentages as well as use various tools and units to estimate and measure. As always, our literacy sessions have produced some enthusiastic efforts at writing and responding to texts.

This week as a cohort, we’ve re-emphasized the importance of wellbeing practices. Within our classrooms we have discussed mindfulness and the different ways this may look. The students have thoroughly enjoyed colouring or drawing, listening to ‘Smiling Minds’ as a form of meditation and focusing on our breathing. As we can all experience frustration and stress at times, it’s important to take a step back to refresh ourselves in order to take on the challenge!

Just a reminder to all parents, that teachers are available before and after school to discuss any concerns or to celebrate achievements.

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