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During the first week of Term 4, Year 5 students have been busy writing about their holidays. Students were given the choice of writing a recount or a response about something they did. It sounds like everyone had an enjoyable break!

In Maths, students have been learning about patterns and algebra. We have discussed in detail what the equals sign means and experimented with problem solving to find unknown values. One of the 5H students describes algebra as “a way of problem solving an equation that has symbols and you have to figure out what the symbols mean”.












This week we have also started our History inquiry. The key question being investigated is ‘How did colonies shape Australia?’ and we will be looking into why people migrated to Australia, how the environment changed and significant events in 1800’s and 1900’s.


Please note:

  • Spanish incursion forms need to be returned by 20/10/17
  • Donations of tissue boxes are welcome as we are running low on tissues.
  • Students need to bring their hats to school every day this term.
  • Homework will be sent home on Monday 16th October and to be returned by Friday 27th

Remember that you are always welcome to come and speak to your child’s teacher if you have any questions.


Thank you,

The Year 5 Team

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