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Week 2 in Year 5


In a week filled with challenges and successes, year five students and teachers have continued to strive for accuracy in all things.

Over the last week, leaners have been reviewing their skills in mathematics, and extending on these in readiness for next steps.  In writing, we have focused on the structure of a Discussion text, practising writing from different perspectives.

Year five have also been enjoying our standing debates, and it has been enlightening to hear and understand the firmly held views of various students. Forming a convincing argument, and then presenting this using persuasive and appropriate language has seen students “cross the floor” when the opposite view has been presented, as well as reflect on their original ideas and why they may have held these ideas.

Week 3 is a busy week as we continue to focus on our numeracy and literacy units, whilst also including incursions for inquiry and specialist subjects.

We have the Economics incursion on Tuesday, the Spanish Fiesta on Wednesday and the Science incursion on Thursday.

Please return the permission slips as soon as possible for these if you have not already done so.

Thank you,

Year 5 Teachers

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