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November 14, 2014
by georginacauchi

From dancing shoes to Sofcrosse

Wow, we are over half way through Term 4! What a great start to the term we have had. It has been yet another busy week in the life of a Grade 5, with the JSC Disco, Transition, House Captain Speeches, writing narratives and learning about measurement.

JSC Disco

Last Friday night the Grade Fives slipped on their dancing shoes and danced the night away at the Disco. After a delicious sausage sizzle it was wonderful to see so many showing off their dance moves. A huge thank you needs to be given to Mr Mac, who was our own personal DJ. He provided a mix of the ‘coolest’ songs on the charts and even taught us some new dance moves.

Disco 2014 (9)

Lunch with the Grade Fours

On Tuesday we welcomed our friends in Grade 4 to our classrooms, to give them a taste of what life will be like in Grade 5. Students compared the similarities and differences between the two year levels including LPS Camps, Grade 5/6 Sport, the process of becoming a School/House Captain and DEA- in particular, Edmodo. Both the Grade Fours and the Grade Fives came to the conclusion that life in Grade 5 is pretty awesome.

Grade Fives will have the opportunity to hear all about what happens in Grade 6 on Monday 17th November.

House Captain Speeches

On Thursday the Grade Fives in their respective houses listened to speeches of their potential House Captains for 2015. It was clear that all those who participated had spent a lot of time thinking and preparing how they were going to persuade the audience to vote for them. Congratulations to all those who took part. That in itself displays wonderful leadership skills, and they should be very proud of themselves.

Applications for other leadership opportunities such as Library Assistants and Science Captains will take place early in 2015.


On Friday, forty one Grade 5 students headed off to Kingswood College to play in a Sofcrosse tournament. What a relief that the temperature dropped from 34◦C! Well done to all those involved, there were a few tough games but as usual, the LPS team spirit shone through.





Somers Camp 2015

In February 2015 the Grade 6s (now Grade5s) have the opportunity to take part in a 9 day Somers Camp. We are looking for three girls and three boys who are interested. The cost will be $210. Numbers need to be finalised by the 26th of November. All expressions of interest to attend the camp must be in writing to Ms Weekes by Thursday 20th November. Please speak to your classroom teacher if you are interested.






Have a lovely weekend.

June 5, 2014
by georginacauchi

Back into the swing of it!

Both children and teachers are still on a high after our week at Camp Rumbug. The positive attitude that students showed towards leaping out of their comfort zone and trying many new things was impressive. Greeted by exhausted, yet happy children, we are sure that parents and friends have heard all about the highlights of camp including the giant swing, abseiling, archery and of course Mr Mac and Mrs Trend’s duet in the Red Faces competition.

No doubt many clothes would have been put straight into the bin over the weekend due to the mud stains. However, there are still some clothes that have not been claimed after camp. If you have noticed any clothes missing, today is the final chance for them to be collected. They are located next to the basketball court outside the Grade 5 portable classrooms.

There seems to be a post camp cold floating around the Grade 5s. We wish all those unwell a speedy recovery and if they are coming to school, they are to be reminded to drink plenty of water and regularly wash their hands to prevent others from becoming sick.

The post camp cold has not stopped us from getting straight back into work. Students have written some very impressive information reports, we have started our Maths- ‘Multiplication and Division Unit’ and we are exploring sustainability as an inquiry into ‘How can we make a difference?’

A reminder that Life Education will be running for 5G, 5C and 5M this coming Tuesday 10th June. We have heard some great reports from 5W and 5S about Life Education and we are especially looking forward to a visit from Harold.

From the Grade 5 Team, have a safe and relaxing long weekend!

Row, row, row your boat.

Row, row, row your boat.


Race through the cold, muddy water

Race through the cold, muddy water

Camp Rumbug, abseiling tower

Camp Rumbug, abseiling tower

One raft, to the other, don't fall!

One raft, to the other, don’t fall!

May 29, 2014
by georginacauchi

Camp Rumbug=Camp Adventure

We have had an amazing start to Camp Rumbug. In just three days we have experienced 10 wet and muddy rotations, a fun and fitness trail and a trip to the Prom. We are all still excited for what is in store for Thursday and Friday.

Our adventure started on Monday with the fun and fitness trail. After stretching our calves and loosening up the arms, we joined hands with a partner and set off. What we didn’t expected was the mud pit!! We pushed through with determination and tried hard to avoid the buckets of mud from Mrs Weekes and Miss Cauchi.

We then began our rotations and as Jack K would say, 10 of the most challenging activities ever. We had to fight off the leeches and embrace our wet clothes to cross the draw bridge, canoe through the lake and find our balance on the adventure bridge. The team work has been amazing with groups working together to solve the nitro crossing, titanic raft and environmental ropes. The mud pit has been a highlight with not only a beauty treatment but a great deal of persistence to work together to get all group members through. We managed to put our cooking skills to the test to make master chef quality damper. Ms Smith went into hiding during the bird mapping activity and the southern cross tested our balancing skills.

We all responded with wonderment and awe when we arrived at Wilson’s Prom. We stalked some kangaroos, made a bridge to get across to squeaky beach then made a scenic walk to Tidal River. It was stunning. We stopped for lunch and ate delicious salad rolls with the company of some very hungry Rosellas. Off to Scare Bear now (aka Giant Swing).

See you on Friday!

photo 1  photo 2

May 23, 2014
by georginacauchi
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Camp is FINALLY here, only the weekend to go!


The excitement has grown to extraordinary levels in Year 5 this week. The next time we lay eyes on each other will be as we board the bus to head to the mighty Camp Rumbug. The teachers cannot wait to spend a jam packed and energy fuelled 5 days with 120+ legendary 10 and 11 year olds. Make sure you check out the ‘What to bring list,’ uploaded on the Year 5 notices page. Prepare for all sorts of weather rain, cold and sunshine. Don’t forget your snack and packed lunch, along with a drink bottle for the first day on Monday.


We had a great turn out on Monday 19th May at the LPS Open Night. The Year 5s proudly showed their parents, friends and carers their classrooms, school work, specialist rooms and listened to some talented musicians in the Concert Band and String Ensemble.


Some of the students were lucky to hang out with Harold this week in the Life Ed Van. Unfortunately some Grade 5 classes missed out on his visit due to unforeseen circumstances of the Life Ed Presenter. She will be back in the future ensuring those who missed out are provided this wonderful learning opportunity.


Today we have thoroughly enjoyed a colourful and cosy pyjama day at LPS, with a great lunchtime movie thrown into the mix. From onsies to slippers, to messy hair and flannel pyjamas a great deal of money was raised for a good cause. Thanks so much to the JSC for organising the event, raising much needed funds for the Royal Children’s Hospital.

Have a wonderful weekend and see you pumped and ready to go at 8:45am Monday morning.

The Year 5 Team







PJ Day- Onsies






PJ DAY - Assembly








5/6 PJ Choir


May 16, 2014
by georginacauchi

What a week

Hello to our Grade 5 Blog Readers,

It’s been an exhausting week at LPS for the Grade 5s.


The entire group of Grade 5 Teachers are extremely proud of the students this week as they completed four separate NAPLAN sessions.  Across the rooms you could hear the soft noise of pages being turned, erasers on paper, sharpeners scraping on wood and lead. During the Writing session it was fantastic to see students writing some amazing expositions on the topic of Rules or Laws that need changing. From less homework to no smoking and even an exposition about immigration, our students are an informed and persuasive bunch.


Some of the students have started work on the LPS 50th Birthday Celebration Mural.  We have a visiting artist to the school who will work on the mural with students over the coming weeks. The students will be creating mosaic tile pictures based on their sketches of the native flora and fauna in Blacks Walk.


A massive thank you to the parents that have been returning the medical and amended consent forms early.  Although they weren’t due until today, sending back these forms early help us sort through the massive amount of information and safety issues that arise when taking over 120 students away for a week. Thank you again for your consideration

Please find a ‘Camp-What to bring list’ on the Grade 5 Notices Page (link above).

Stay tuned next week for some final camp reminders and our visits to the Life Ed Van.

We hope you enjoy some of this lovely Autumn weather.

Warm Regards

The Grade Five Team



May 9, 2014
by georginacauchi

16 days to go, Camp Rumbug here we come!

So hard to believe it but May is well and truly upon us! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. ‘Time flies when you’re working hard, running cross country and having fun’.

The positive and supportive nature has continued this week not just for the Grade 5s but for the whole school. The efforts from L.P.S at the District Cross Country had to be seen to be believed. From all reports the entire team that went along to Ruffey Lake represented themselves and the school brilliantly. The Grade 5 students who ran on the day all contributed amazingly. Each individual effort went a long way to what was an amazing overall result for the school. A special mention goes Kieran  and Sienna who both finished first in their race.

Camp excitement has reached an all-time high with the official countdown starting in many classrooms (16 Days left!). Remember to be hanging on to those old pairs of shoes, pants and old t-shirts. They will be very useful in the MUDPIT.

Leading into NAPLAN next week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday students are reminded that they need to be at school on time as to ensure there are no delays to the start time. As a team the teachers couldn’t be prouder of the attitude students have towards doing their best during these upcoming tests.

Have a fantastic (extended) weekend and the Grade 5 teachers once again look forward to seeing the legends of the 5W, 5S, 5C, 5G, 5M on Monday morning.

May 2, 2014
by georginacauchi

Three weeks to go!

We have had another busy week in Grade 5!Cross country was an absolute success with all participants running exceptionally well in the chilly conditions. Students should be very proud of their efforts! A big thank you to all Grade 5 parents who volunteered and supported on the day.  The Wantirna District Cross Country will be held next Wednesday at Ruffey Lake Park. We wish those who will be competing all the best!With only three weeks to go, the countdown to Camp Rumbug is now on. It is safe to say that there is a mixture of excitement and nerves surrounding camp. However, after the Grade Sixes, Camp Survival Expo on Wednesday, Grade Five students were given some helpful hints on how to survive camp.

Many of the expo presentations included a survival kit or information about what students need to bring to get the most out of camp. Examples of things that the Grade Sixes suggested to bring included; a positive attitude, courage to try something outside of your comfort zone and an open mind to make new friends and strengthen old friendships. Other material things that will need to be packed include multiple changes of warm clothes, a photo of your family and ear plugs to ensure that you get as much sleep as possible so that you can enjoy the next day’s activities. The best advice given by the Grade Sixes was to have fun as you will be able to reflect on Camp Rumbug for many years to come!

Just a reminder that camp notices need to be returned ASAP and the balance is due by the 16th of May.

Have a great weekend!


Year 6 Camp Expo

Year 6 Camp Expo

Cross Country

Cross Country

Cross Country

Cross Country

March 28, 2014
by georginacauchi

Time does fly!

Amazing to think we are about to enter the last week of Term 1. The old saying must be true, ‘Time does fly when you are having fun, learning and making new friends’. This week in Grade 5 we have added to the growing list of experiences which have occupied the first 9 weeks of the school year. On Wednesday all of Grade 5 donned their sunhats and made the very enjoyable walk to Box Hill Central. This proved a very rewarding adventure giving students the opportunities to try different Asian cuisines linked directly to our Inquiry unit of ‘Why should we know our Neighbours?’ A huge congratulations needs to go to all Grade 5 students while on this excursion. Each student was respectful, well-mannered and responsible the entire time and represented themselves and Laburnum Primary School brilliantly.

With Camp information and notices going out this week, the reality has set in that we are 59 days away from what will be an exceptional, exciting and potentially muddy week away at Camp Rumbug. If parents could please return those notices as soon as possible it would be an enormous help.

 The final week of Term 1 proves to again be another busy one. With the Grade 6s away on camp the capable Grade 5s are left as the sole leaders and role models of the school in the final week. We are positive the Grade 5s will set a wonderful example leading into Term 2. Also, the Grade 5 Inquiry Expo will be taking place later in the week and is a terrific event where students display the demonstrations and presentations they have been working hard on to represent their Personal Inquiry. Finally, a friendly reminder that homework and the Inquiry Mindmap are due on Wednesday April 2nd.

Have a sensational weekend Legends.

The Grade 5 Team.

March 21, 2014
by georginacauchi

Great times ahead!

This week the Grade 5 students have been excitedly preparing themselves to begin their first personal inquiry for the year. Based on our Term 1 Inquiry Unit- ‘Why should we know our neighbours?’ students have had to create their own ‘NonGoogleable’ question to research and answer. For the rest of the term students will be busy researching and creating their mind maps as well as beginning a presentation piece for the Grade 5 Expo! The date for this expo is yet to be decided.

To help them with their management of time, students have been given a rubric and checklist to use along the way. PLEASE NOTE: At this stage students are only working on their personal inquiry in class time.

You would have also noticed a large amount of Year 5 Camp notices sent home with students today. Could you please ensure they are returned as soon as possible to classroom teachers.


Have a great weekend!

From the Grade 5 team.

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