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June 22, 2018
by mrssime

Year 5 visit the Life Ed van (and Harold!)

This week, the Year 5 students were fortunate enough to be involved in the Life Education Program. Our classes took part in a 90 minute session where they focused on the RELATE RESPECT CONNECT component.

They learnt about making and keeping friends and strategies to assist in conflict with peers.

They worked in groups and discussed a variety of topics related to relationships such as ‘Do friendships change and why?’ and ‘What are the qualities of a good friend?’

Students were also involved in discussions about cyber safety and how to treat others online.


Year 5 students and teachers alike, were very happy to see ‘Harold the giraffe’, again. Harold is a  

character who has been associated with the Life Education Program for a long time, and students will remember him from years ago in prep and every other year after that.

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