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December 12, 2014
by georginacauchi

One week to go!

Who can believe there is only one week left. Our ‘legendary’ Grade Fives will soon be Grade Sixers. It has been great to see everyone continuing with their wonderful behaviour, showing they will be terrific role models next year.

End of Year Celebration Day

On Thursday we all put on our walking shoes and marched off through Black’s Walk to Blackburn Lake. It was terrific to see all the students playing a variety of games happily together. As the fish and chips rolled in, so did the seagulls, disguised as Laburnum Primary School children. The food was delicious and at the end, not one piece of rubbish was left in sight. Great clean up job! A BIG thankyou to all our helpers, especially Ms Smith who ferried the loads of food from the shop to the hungry students.

Grade Five Market Day

On Friday the much-anticipated Grade Five Market Day arrived. Lots of amazing stalls filled the five classrooms. From Photo Booths to Basketball Hoops, there was something for everyone, and way too much sugar too!

Year 5 Market Day

Year 5 Market Day

Year 5 to 6 Transition

At lunch on Friday the Grade Fives assembled in Black’s Walk with the Grade Six students to share lunch. The Grade Six students happily shared stories about, ‘What to expect in Grade Six’, and answered questions. It was terrific to watch them all enjoying this sharing time. A big thanks to the Grade Six students and teachers for helping to make this ‘step up’ for the Grade Five students less stressful.

Last Week of Term

Next week is HUGE! Monday is Transition Day across the school. Students will spend the afternoon with their new teacher before returning to their rooms to collect their reports.

  • Remember to bring in your KK present if you are participating.
  • Students will be dismissed at 1:30pm on Friday 19th December.
  • Book Boxes will be distributed Wednesday 17th December (remember to pay before the date).

Don’t forget Carols tonight from 5:30pm in Black’s Walk!

 Have a wonderful weekend.



November 21, 2014
by georginacauchi

Transition in Space

Year 5 to 6 Transition

This week the Year Fives gathered in the staffroom for the first Year 5 to 6 Transition Session. The Year Sixes shared some detailed information and many of the highlights coming up for the Year 5s in 2015. They previewed Government Projects completed using Weebly (software to make a website), viewed movies about ‘acceptance’ and listened to Podcasts that kept the Year Fives in fits of laughter. We are sure the Year Fives are looking forward to the next transition session on Friday 5th December.


Students had the opportunity to start their Space Jigsaws.  Working in groups of 5 they have been researching solar systems, famous scientists, comparing planets, studying the Sun, stars & constellations along with mastering light- absorption, refractions and reflection. They will be starting their personal inquiry projects over the next few weeks, we are sure there will be a plethora of topics researched and investigated.

Inquiry-Space Jigsaw

Inquiry-Space Jigsaw










Practise for 2015 Buddies

Next week the current Preps will be visiting the Year 5 classrooms for a whole afternoon of fun activities, guided by the older students- great practise for ‘Buddies’ next year!

November 14, 2014
by georginacauchi

From dancing shoes to Sofcrosse

Wow, we are over half way through Term 4! What a great start to the term we have had. It has been yet another busy week in the life of a Grade 5, with the JSC Disco, Transition, House Captain Speeches, writing narratives and learning about measurement.

JSC Disco

Last Friday night the Grade Fives slipped on their dancing shoes and danced the night away at the Disco. After a delicious sausage sizzle it was wonderful to see so many showing off their dance moves. A huge thank you needs to be given to Mr Mac, who was our own personal DJ. He provided a mix of the ‘coolest’ songs on the charts and even taught us some new dance moves.

Disco 2014 (9)

Lunch with the Grade Fours

On Tuesday we welcomed our friends in Grade 4 to our classrooms, to give them a taste of what life will be like in Grade 5. Students compared the similarities and differences between the two year levels including LPS Camps, Grade 5/6 Sport, the process of becoming a School/House Captain and DEA- in particular, Edmodo. Both the Grade Fours and the Grade Fives came to the conclusion that life in Grade 5 is pretty awesome.

Grade Fives will have the opportunity to hear all about what happens in Grade 6 on Monday 17th November.

House Captain Speeches

On Thursday the Grade Fives in their respective houses listened to speeches of their potential House Captains for 2015. It was clear that all those who participated had spent a lot of time thinking and preparing how they were going to persuade the audience to vote for them. Congratulations to all those who took part. That in itself displays wonderful leadership skills, and they should be very proud of themselves.

Applications for other leadership opportunities such as Library Assistants and Science Captains will take place early in 2015.


On Friday, forty one Grade 5 students headed off to Kingswood College to play in a Sofcrosse tournament. What a relief that the temperature dropped from 34◦C! Well done to all those involved, there were a few tough games but as usual, the LPS team spirit shone through.





Somers Camp 2015

In February 2015 the Grade 6s (now Grade5s) have the opportunity to take part in a 9 day Somers Camp. We are looking for three girls and three boys who are interested. The cost will be $210. Numbers need to be finalised by the 26th of November. All expressions of interest to attend the camp must be in writing to Ms Weekes by Thursday 20th November. Please speak to your classroom teacher if you are interested.






Have a lovely weekend.

September 19, 2014
by georginacauchi

Year Fives on the hunt for convicts…

Hi everyone,

It’s hard to believe it is the last week of term, it has gone so quickly. Before we know it we will be getting ready for Christmas.

The final week of term has been an extremely busy one jam packed full of excitement. On Thursday afternoon last week and Monday afternoon this week the Grade Five students were involved in some fun, but challenging activities based on Habits of the Minds; ‘Striving for Accuracy’- vortex throw, ‘Persisting’- Rice Bubble Bucket Challenge, ‘Thinking Independently’- building a house of cards and ‘Communicating with Clarity’- Heads Up, were some of the activities. It was great to see everyone involved and ‘having a go’!

Working Interdependently and Striving for Accuracy

Working Interdependently and Striving for Accuracy

Footy Day

Tuesday was LPS Footy Day. After a fantastic start to the day with a whole school assembly our fearless Grade Five girls ran through their banner to take on the Grade Six girls in the footy match of the season!! Unfortunately the game was brought to a sudden end when the clouds burst and heavy rain drenched everyone. The girls showed great spirit under the guidance of their talented coach Mr Macaulay. Our newly trained Grade Five umpires expertly umpired the game. Thanks Mr Hazlett for your exciting call of the game and Mr Panou for a great Footy Day celebration.

Year 5 v Year 6 Footy Day

Year 5 v Year 6 Footy Day


Our amazing Year 5 AFL umpires.

Our amazing Year 5 AFL umpires.

 DEA Assembly

On Wednesday afternoon the Grade Five students attended the DEA Assembly for Blogging. Next term we will be looking at and creating Wikispaces. Events like these give us all the opportunity to reflect on the amazing skills of our students.

Inquiry Day

Inquiry Day proved to be a fantastic way to end the term. The costumes were terrific and it is rumoured there were even some convicts amongst the crowd. Each grade began the day with students presenting their Famous Australian. The open-minded portraits looked fantastic and will be on display in classrooms. Students were also involved in a mapping activity, practising the skills required by explorers like Bourke and Wills. The afternoon was spent playing old-fashioned games. Anyone out there remember Hookey??

As the term ends we would like to wish everyone a relaxing and safe holiday. Enjoy the break and come back ready to finish off the year with a BIG BANG!

Term 3 Inquiry- Mapping-Burke and Wills

Term 3 Inquiry- Mapping-Burke and Wills

Dates to remember:

Term 4 begins 6th October

LPS Art Show 10th and 11th October

Excursion Levy due, 13th October

Year 5 Incursion- Starlab, 16th October

Music Gala 23rd October




The Year 5 Team

Term 3 Inquiry Day

Term 3 Inquiry Day


Term 3 Inquiry Day

Term 3 Inquiry Day



Term 3 Inquiry

Term 3 Inquiry



September 12, 2014
by georginacauchi
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What a week!


To argue for or to argue against, that is the question. After this week’s continued focus on discussions the Grade 5s can confidently do both. Our discussion writing focus has seen students working on the development and implementation of arguments and counter arguments around particular issues. The effort from so many of the students to think about both points of view and then convey these arguments has certainly added to the quality of their writing.


The Grade 5s are 100%, or 10/10, or 1.0 sure that our Fraction unit is coming to a conclusion. There has been some fantastic growth in student understanding this term with a real effort on practical use of these concepts in everyday life. An obvious highlight being 5G taking out the basketball shooting percentage title across all of the grades with a  very impressive 10/25 (Grade 5 students can you please convert that into a percentage).


It seems very appropriate that the Grade 5 students have taken a leaf from Burke and Wills and begun ‘discovering’ plenty about their significant Australians in history for the upcoming Inquiry Day. Thursday 18th of September will see students presenting (dressed as their significant Australian) their open minded portrait, engaging in some mapping skills and also playing some old fashion games. We encourage all students to find a costume as it will add to the activities planned throughout the day.


It was fantastic to see 23 eager Grade 5 students participating in the AFL Victorian Umpiring Training Course today. The mixture of theory and practical skills had students at the end of the day (almost) ready to bounce the ball on the final weekend of September. These students will be presented with their certificates on the LPS Footy Day at Assembly next Tuesday 16th September.  Also taking place that day will be the much anticipated Grade 5 versus Grade 6 Girls Footy Match. The Grade 5 girls have been training hard during sport and at lunch time and will certainly give the Grade 6 students a run for their money.

– A final reminder to all students who still have their athletics tops or basketball singlets used at district athletics to please bring those in as soon as they can. The P.E department needs them all back before the end of Term 3.


Similar to this blog, the focus for Term 3 in Grade 5 for our DEA has been blogging. This has seen students participating in their own class blog and understanding features in a blog. There is an open invitation to parents to attend the Grade 5 DEA Assembly on Wednesday 17th September in the staffroom straight after lunch at 2:00pm t see each grade presented with their badges.

Incursion/Excursion Levy Notice

Everyone should have received these by now, there is a copy available on the Grade 5 Blog should you need a spare.


We are all looking forward to a busy and exciting final week of Term 3.

Grade 5 Team


September 5, 2014
by georginacauchi

News from Year Five

Hello again to our avid blog readers…

Classroom Learning

It’s been another happy week, full of learning in the Year Five area. Students have been continuing to focus on fractions in Maths and reading about our Australian Colonial Past. In writing this week students have attempted to structure their own discussion texts. This has been a new challenge for all students in coming up with a strong counter argument to many questions. Should people wear bike helmets? Should there be parking restrictions in Janet Street? There are many journalists in the making with students working hard to capture both points of view.

Students have been also been working on using syllables to help them with their spelling. There will be a $10 class economy prize for the first student to mention how many syllables are in the word ‘colonialism’.

Footy Day

Lunchtimes are going to be exciting in the lead up to the end of Term Footy Day on September 16th. There is banner making and cheer squad training happening in Mrs Weekes and Mrs Purcell’s room. Girls are out in the yard kicking drop punts and practising their hand balls under the guidance of Mr Mac. We can’t wait to beat those Grade Six Girls!

–          Don’t forget to return your Footy Day lunch orders.

Lunchtime Activities

A reminder that a Robotics Session is coming up soon in the Science Room for interested participants and Crochet Club has started at lunchtimes in Mrs Purcell’s room. We look forward to seeing the creations from both sessions.


On Thursday afternoon there were some nervous Year Five girls who headed out to represent LPS at our first ever gymnastics competition. All those practise sessions paid off and reports are that they had a fantastic time and performed amazingly.

On a final note, Happy Father’s Day to all the loving dads and grandads out there in our LPS community! What another fabulous LPS community event this morning with many parents and students enjoying a hearty breakfast to start Friday off!


The Year 5 Team

August 22, 2014
by georginacauchi

A week of FABULOUS learning

Cyber Safety

What a way to start the week with some very insightful and thought-provoking Cyber Safety sessions across the school. Year Five were privileged to hear from Tracy Porter an expert in many areas of cyber safety. She made everyone think, teachers included about how insecure images, videos and messages are on various apps and social media sites.

 Some important pointers we all took away from the session were:

– Download and use age appropriate apps.

– When downloading a new app, head strait to settings and change to ‘friends only’ ensuring it is the most ‘private’ it can be.

– Turn location settings off when sending messages, videos or images on social media.

– Talking and sharing online with only people you know in person.

– Accepting a ‘friend’ request if that person meets the definition of a real life friend.

– Sexting is illegal for all people involved who are under 18 years old.


Someone to Talk to and Always Remain Safe

-Someone important to me

-Something important to tell you

-Please listen and help me

 Telling an adult (teacher, parent or carer) if something is not right, such as;

– If an unknown person requests to ‘friend’, contact us or personal details.

– Someone we know/don’t know is sending or requesting inappropriate images

– Something is just not right

 Nanna Rule

– If Nanna would not like to see or read it, should you really post/send it?


Finally we all took home the all-important message of:

If you write it, record it or capture it in a picture and post it, send it or save it- then it is FOREVER.

When the internet is used safely it can be a fun and fantastic learning tool.


With a very short turn around between the LPS Athletics Day and District Athletics next Tuesday 26th August, students are very busy training for their events. We wish all those involved the best of luck.

Passport Night- Wednesday 27th August

How does your child spend the day at LPS? Come and find out, collect a passport on the night and choose your sessions. Educational sessions will be run covering topics such as multiplication, homework, time management, study habits and parental support, school planning documents, team planning and AusVELS, Digital Excellence Awards (DEA), Cyber Safety, PE (Ball catching manipulation and connection to curriculum,) Science and even how to use BPay.

50th Birthday celebrations- Saturday 30th August 11:00am-3:00pm

Come on down and celebrate! Make sure you have a look at the AMAZING mural at the front of the school. The hours of work, dedication and careful work by the Year Fives has certainly paid off- three beautiful mosaics now hang at the front of the school.

Remember to return your raffle tickets, cook book and paver orders ASAP.

Father’s Day Breakfast- Friday September 5th

Remember to return those order forms full of yummy food!

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August 15, 2014
by georginacauchi

Sport, Cyber Safety and 50th Anniversary Celebrations mixed in with Classroom Learning!

Hi everyone,

The mornings have continued to be cold and at times icy.  Rain has continued to fall making the oval still out of bounds for the students but a wonderful wetlands for some local ducks. Despite the limited space it is always pleasing to see the Grade Five students sharing space and being creative with areas that normally are not used during recess and lunch times.

Day 4 Sport, Athletics Day, Footy and Hockey

All the Grade Five students have continued to participate in sport on some very chilly mornings in preparation for House Athletics Day. Thursday was the BIG day and it was terrific to see the positive approach students took towards each event.

Thursday started grey and dreary but team spirits were not dampened, as the enthusiasm rose so did the sun. House Athletics, as always proved to be a wonderful day full of cheering and good sportsmanship. Well done to all the students who participated on this day and demonstrated great team spirit.

Congratulations to our hockey team who battled hard on Wednesday and managed to score a goal against a team no one else could. Great effort!

Goodluck to the Blackburn Under 11 side playing in the Grand Final this coming Sunday 17th August.

Classroom Learning

In the classroom the students have continued to discover interesting facts about Australia and its beginnings. Some children might be starting to wonder if there is a convict in their family history. Many activities in the classroom involve working co-operatively with a partner or small group and it is fantastic to see students helping each other and striving to do their best.

Cyber Safety

Next Monday the Grade Fives will be involved in a Cyber Safety Incursion run by Tracey Porter. It is important that teachers and parents are vigilant in ensuring that our students have the strategies, skills and knowledge to deal with potential online issues. We all look forward to next week’s session. There is an evening session for parents on Monday 18th August at 7:30pm. Please come along, we ask that students DO NOT attend this session.

Remember the countdown is on for a huge day on Saturday 30th August, it all begins at 11am with the celebrations for the 50th Anniversary! Have a great week everyone and well done on the work and efforts so far this term!

The Year Five Team




August 7, 2014
by georginacauchi
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A cold and windy week

Hello everyone,

Despite the icy and windy conditions, the Grade 5s have remained resilient and survived the trying conditions to maintain a positive learning attitude. Impressively this attitude never faulted during Grade 5 and 6 sport rotations, which have occurred on (chilly) Day 4 mornings. The Grade 5s have enjoyed the lead up to the House Athletic Carnival, getting the opportunity to practise some of the signature events which all the students will be taking part in next Thursday the 14th of August at Bill Sewart Athletics Track, Burwood. Records are set to fall after a number of Grade 5 students have clearly been inspired by the recently concluded Commonwealth Games. The House Athletics for Grade 5 and 6 starts at 12pm and parents are certainly welcome to attend.

The Grade 5s have moved away from their amazing work in the Text Type of Explanations and into looking at what is a Persuasive Response. The Grade 5 teachers received Professional Development from James Fergusson on Monday afternoon around this style of writing, which has already proved very beneficial. No doubt some very opinionated Movie and Book Reviews are just around the corner.

A special mention to a large number of L.P.S Grade 5 boys who play for the Blackburn Under 11 side. The team, who is captained by Kieran, Tom and Cayden  successfully made it through to the Grand Final, which is to take place on the 17th OF AUGUST at 9:00am. We wish all these boys the best of luck. They have done themselves and the school extremely proud throughout the whole season.

A friendly reminder that there has been a change in signage along Janet Street relating to parking and picking children up. For any clarification on what these signs mean, please see last week’s schools newsletter.

Amazingly we are at the end of Week 4 of Term 3. There is still so much to look forward to and so much to learn. Can’t wait!

Have a fantastic weekend!

The Grade 5 Team

July 24, 2014
by georginacauchi

Incursions, sport and more

It has been another very busy week in Grade 5! With incursions, Grade 5 sport as well as the usual literacy and numeracy. In reading and writing we are learning about the structure and grammar specific to an explanation text, while in Maths we have been continuing to learn about division and multiplication.

Parliament incursion

As discussed in last week’s blog, the Parliamentary Incursion was a wonderful introduction into our inquiry topic learning about Early European Settlement and the Colonial Past of Australia. This week it was 5W and 5M’s turn to take on the roles of the Lower House of the Victorian State Parliament. It was fantastic to see all students enthusiastically taking part in the proceedings learning a lot along the way.

Grade 5 sport

For Grade 5 sport this term, we are preparing for the House Athletics on the 14th of August. In preparation both Grade Fives and Sixes are completing a round robin of athletics activities. We had our first session on Wednesday with great success. Students were given the opportunity to participate in 11 different activities including high jump, shot put and hurdles.

Library Incursion

On Monday the 21st July Grade Fives and Sixes were very lucky to have a visit from Tony Bones Entertainment theatre group to perform the book My Life as an Alphabet by Barry Jonsberg. This was about a twelve year old girl, Candice McPhee, who was determined to bring happiness to those around her. Although humorous, the performance also touched on some serious issues. This book is well worth a read and can be found in the LPS library.

SRI / Values

A reminder that the SRI forms need to be returned by Monday at the latest so that we can start our Special Religious Instruction or Values sessions on Tuesday.  Those who do not bring back permission forms will take part in values lessons.

House Athletics

All house athletic permission forms need to be returned to your classroom teacher by the 1st of August. It would be fantastic to receive parent support on the day.

Congratulations Grade 5 on a fantastic start to Term 3.




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