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November 7, 2014
by georginacauchi

How much did we fit in, in just three days?

It has been a short week but a very busy one. Last Friday, after some magnificent speeches, our School Captains for 2015, were voted for by the Grade Fours, Grade Fives and teachers. All of the speeches were presented with pride and all the applicants are to be congratulated on their efforts. We look forward to the leadership of Natasha Bowers, Charlotte Whittle, Magnus Andersson and Joseph Agustin-Radelja next year.

This week the Grade Fives have enjoyed another fantastic Maths Measurement Activities Session. Some very well thought out questions were asked at ‘Find Your Partner’ and a range of skills were utilised when determining which style of school hat had the greatest capacity.

Everyone enjoyed watching the Grade Six, ‘Fashion on the Fields’. Some very entertaining outfits were strutted in Blacks Walk. The real Oaks Day paled in comparison.  Amongst the Grade Fives some whispering of ideas for next year could be heard. It will be something to look forward to.

Friday is the event of the century!!! Well at least Term Four- The Junior School Council Disco is nearly here. Everyone is excited about dusting off their dancing shoes tomorrow and busting some moves on the dance floor. What a terrific way to end the week.

October 24, 2014
by georginacauchi

Hip Hop


It has been an exciting week in Grade 5. It was Health and PE week and to start it off the Grade Fives donned their inner gangster and participated in a free 20 minute Hip Hop dance class, there was some amazing newspaper shedding and spins happening in the hall. One lucky student got to have an individual Tango lesson!

Do you know how to tango?

Do you know how to tango?

The week culminated with a ‘Teacher versus Student’ beep test at lunch. There were many red faces for all involved at the conclusion of the run.

LPS School Gala

Of course the LPS Gala (held on Thursday night) was the event of the week.

The 5/6 choir sung in beautiful harmony, the percussion group had amazing rhythm whilst our concert band blew the roof off.

Congratulations to all the Grade 5 students who participated in the LPS Gala.Your months of preparation paid off and made for a fabulous evening.


The School Captain letters were due at the end of this week. The teachers have been amazed at all the applicants dedication at lunchtime and look forward to reading the letters and choosing the successful candidates to receive an interview on Monday afternoon.

There is a sneak peek below at one of the cubes built by the Grade Fives along with the activity- Are you a square? from one of our afternoon maths sessions.

Have a fabulous weekend.

Are you a square?

Are you a square?

How large is a cubic metre?

How large is a cubic metre?

October 17, 2014
by georginacauchi

Space Jump

Art Show

What an amazing display of all the talented students at LPS, especially the ceramic masks created by the Year Fives. Here is a sneak peak below in case you missed out! Thanks Mrs Wheelton for all your AWESOME work!







Leaderships Opportunities

Week two started off with some very excited students hearing all about the role of a Laburnum School Captain. The current School Captains, Steph, Grace, Brock and Josh put together a fabulous PowerPoint Presentation explaining the role of a School Captain. They delivered some excellent information to the Year Fives about what an important role a Captain plays at LPS. Next week students will be given the opportunity to write their Letter of Application at school. In the coming weeks the House Captain selection process will begin. Please see the attached ‘Advertisement’ for LPS School Captains.

LPS School Captain Advertisement

Planetarium Incursion

Wow! Who got ‘Spaced Out’ on Thursday? All the Year Fives were ‘out of this world’ when they ‘spaced jumped’ into the planetarium! Each class was ‘blasted off into space’ as they experienced the blow up planetarium in the school hall. The fabulously informative ‘astronaut’, Nick from Starlab ‘landed’ at LPS and his presentations went off with a ‘big bang’. He had our minds ‘spinning’ with new information as we ducked and dodged exploding moons, space junk and ice. We all dove for cover as the Sun came closer and closer at a balmy 5,500⁰C.  I think everyone ‘moon walked’ away with a ‘spaceship’ full of knowledge and many ‘shuttle loads’ of questions!

Check out this fabulous link- the October Night Sky: http://www.skymaps.com/

Neil Armstrong on the Moon

Neil Armstrong on the Moon

Inside the planetarium

Inside the planetarium

The Dome

The Dome











Maths Afternoon

Friday afternoon was the first of our maths afternoons. Everyone headed outside to learn about measurement and in particular, time.

  • Who could beat Usain Bolt on the athletics track?
  • How far did you pilot your paper plane?
  • What time was it in London, Tokyo or New York when we were eating lunch?
  • Do your parents know just how old they are in seconds?
  • Did you get to a whole kilometre in ‘Point of Launch’?

Next Week:

We will be ‘Hip Hopping’ through Tuesday as part of Health and PE week.

LPS Music Gala, Thursday 23rd October 7:00pm

September 12, 2014
by georginacauchi
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What a week!


To argue for or to argue against, that is the question. After this week’s continued focus on discussions the Grade 5s can confidently do both. Our discussion writing focus has seen students working on the development and implementation of arguments and counter arguments around particular issues. The effort from so many of the students to think about both points of view and then convey these arguments has certainly added to the quality of their writing.


The Grade 5s are 100%, or 10/10, or 1.0 sure that our Fraction unit is coming to a conclusion. There has been some fantastic growth in student understanding this term with a real effort on practical use of these concepts in everyday life. An obvious highlight being 5G taking out the basketball shooting percentage title across all of the grades with a  very impressive 10/25 (Grade 5 students can you please convert that into a percentage).


It seems very appropriate that the Grade 5 students have taken a leaf from Burke and Wills and begun ‘discovering’ plenty about their significant Australians in history for the upcoming Inquiry Day. Thursday 18th of September will see students presenting (dressed as their significant Australian) their open minded portrait, engaging in some mapping skills and also playing some old fashion games. We encourage all students to find a costume as it will add to the activities planned throughout the day.


It was fantastic to see 23 eager Grade 5 students participating in the AFL Victorian Umpiring Training Course today. The mixture of theory and practical skills had students at the end of the day (almost) ready to bounce the ball on the final weekend of September. These students will be presented with their certificates on the LPS Footy Day at Assembly next Tuesday 16th September.  Also taking place that day will be the much anticipated Grade 5 versus Grade 6 Girls Footy Match. The Grade 5 girls have been training hard during sport and at lunch time and will certainly give the Grade 6 students a run for their money.

– A final reminder to all students who still have their athletics tops or basketball singlets used at district athletics to please bring those in as soon as they can. The P.E department needs them all back before the end of Term 3.


Similar to this blog, the focus for Term 3 in Grade 5 for our DEA has been blogging. This has seen students participating in their own class blog and understanding features in a blog. There is an open invitation to parents to attend the Grade 5 DEA Assembly on Wednesday 17th September in the staffroom straight after lunch at 2:00pm t see each grade presented with their badges.

Incursion/Excursion Levy Notice

Everyone should have received these by now, there is a copy available on the Grade 5 Blog should you need a spare.


We are all looking forward to a busy and exciting final week of Term 3.

Grade 5 Team


March 14, 2014
by georginacauchi

Year 5 update

After the long weekend it has been another busy week in Grade 5!

On Wednesday we were lucky enough to welcome back past Laburnum Primary School students who now attend Koonung Secondary College to speak to all year 5s and 6s about the transition process into senior school. This was a very informative presentation giving our students an insight into what life will be like in senior school in just two years time!

During maths this cycle, we have been investigating statistics. Our inquiry topic has been integrated into our maths sessions through researching and comparing statistics such as land area and population to our closest neighbours, Asia. During our writing and reading rotations we have been exploring the structure of narratives in order to prepare students for the up coming NAPLAN in term 2.

As you may be aware, all Grade 5 classes have signed up to the collaborative classroom learning tool, Edmodo. Edmodo is a safe and engaging online tool providing a space for teachers and students to share and access resources and pose questions. We encourage parents to join up through entering the parent code on the left hand side of your child’s screen!



Have a lovely weekend.

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