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December 12, 2014
by georginacauchi

One week to go!

Who can believe there is only one week left. Our ‘legendary’ Grade Fives will soon be Grade Sixers. It has been great to see everyone continuing with their wonderful behaviour, showing they will be terrific role models next year.

End of Year Celebration Day

On Thursday we all put on our walking shoes and marched off through Black’s Walk to Blackburn Lake. It was terrific to see all the students playing a variety of games happily together. As the fish and chips rolled in, so did the seagulls, disguised as Laburnum Primary School children. The food was delicious and at the end, not one piece of rubbish was left in sight. Great clean up job! A BIG thankyou to all our helpers, especially Ms Smith who ferried the loads of food from the shop to the hungry students.

Grade Five Market Day

On Friday the much-anticipated Grade Five Market Day arrived. Lots of amazing stalls filled the five classrooms. From Photo Booths to Basketball Hoops, there was something for everyone, and way too much sugar too!

Year 5 Market Day

Year 5 Market Day

Year 5 to 6 Transition

At lunch on Friday the Grade Fives assembled in Black’s Walk with the Grade Six students to share lunch. The Grade Six students happily shared stories about, ‘What to expect in Grade Six’, and answered questions. It was terrific to watch them all enjoying this sharing time. A big thanks to the Grade Six students and teachers for helping to make this ‘step up’ for the Grade Five students less stressful.

Last Week of Term

Next week is HUGE! Monday is Transition Day across the school. Students will spend the afternoon with their new teacher before returning to their rooms to collect their reports.

  • Remember to bring in your KK present if you are participating.
  • Students will be dismissed at 1:30pm on Friday 19th December.
  • Book Boxes will be distributed Wednesday 17th December (remember to pay before the date).

Don’t forget Carols tonight from 5:30pm in Black’s Walk!

 Have a wonderful weekend.



October 31, 2014
by georginacauchi

What an amazing week!

Leadership Opportunities

Yet another eventful week has taken place in Grade 5 with a number of the formal processes for 2015 well and truly underway. This week the Grade 5 teachers got to meet with all the successful applicants who applied for School Captain, to interview for the final stage. All of these students conducted themselves in a sensational manner and answered the questions truthfully. Each of these individuals should be congratulated on putting themselves out there and applying.

Is it a solid, a liquid or a gas?

Our Science Unit continues to make a ‘bang’ with many new discoveries being made in the classroom and over at the Science Room. The differentiations which students have made between solids, liquids and gases have been evident in their hypothesis and findings during a number of exciting experiments. I’ll put my hand up and say that I thought the tissue was going to get wet!

Let me paint you a song…

On Thursday, the school was abuzz with all students and staff partaking in the ‘Count us In’ music initiative. All of L.P.S and copious other schools all sang together ‘Paint you a Song’, in unison, across Australia. The rehearsals and organisation prior to the event certainly paid off with everyone in full voice and showing off the choreographed moves.

Digital Excellence

News in relation to the Term 4, DEA Badge- Wikispaces, all students across the year level will have their school email addresses activated. This will allow students to access and create their own blogs and Wikispaces as we progress through the term. They are certainly exciting tools that will be used in many subject areas at school. Students are to be reminded of the Cyber Safety expectations when having a functional email address.

Get on those dancing shoes!

Today (Friday 31st of October) is the last day to hand in forms for the JSC Disco, which for the Grade 5s and 6s will be at 7pm until 8pm on the 7th of November. The cost is $5, spare (blue) forms are available at the office.

Disco time!

Disco time!

The Grade 5 Team would like to wish everyone a safe and happy long weekend and look forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday the 5th of November. Mr. Mac’s tip is Fawkner!



October 24, 2014
by georginacauchi

Hip Hop


It has been an exciting week in Grade 5. It was Health and PE week and to start it off the Grade Fives donned their inner gangster and participated in a free 20 minute Hip Hop dance class, there was some amazing newspaper shedding and spins happening in the hall. One lucky student got to have an individual Tango lesson!

Do you know how to tango?

Do you know how to tango?

The week culminated with a ‘Teacher versus Student’ beep test at lunch. There were many red faces for all involved at the conclusion of the run.

LPS School Gala

Of course the LPS Gala (held on Thursday night) was the event of the week.

The 5/6 choir sung in beautiful harmony, the percussion group had amazing rhythm whilst our concert band blew the roof off.

Congratulations to all the Grade 5 students who participated in the LPS Gala.Your months of preparation paid off and made for a fabulous evening.


The School Captain letters were due at the end of this week. The teachers have been amazed at all the applicants dedication at lunchtime and look forward to reading the letters and choosing the successful candidates to receive an interview on Monday afternoon.

There is a sneak peek below at one of the cubes built by the Grade Fives along with the activity- Are you a square? from one of our afternoon maths sessions.

Have a fabulous weekend.

Are you a square?

Are you a square?

How large is a cubic metre?

How large is a cubic metre?

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