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December 12, 2014
by georginacauchi

One week to go!

Who can believe there is only one week left. Our ‘legendary’ Grade Fives will soon be Grade Sixers. It has been great to see everyone continuing with their wonderful behaviour, showing they will be terrific role models next year.

End of Year Celebration Day

On Thursday we all put on our walking shoes and marched off through Black’s Walk to Blackburn Lake. It was terrific to see all the students playing a variety of games happily together. As the fish and chips rolled in, so did the seagulls, disguised as Laburnum Primary School children. The food was delicious and at the end, not one piece of rubbish was left in sight. Great clean up job! A BIG thankyou to all our helpers, especially Ms Smith who ferried the loads of food from the shop to the hungry students.

Grade Five Market Day

On Friday the much-anticipated Grade Five Market Day arrived. Lots of amazing stalls filled the five classrooms. From Photo Booths to Basketball Hoops, there was something for everyone, and way too much sugar too!

Year 5 Market Day

Year 5 Market Day

Year 5 to 6 Transition

At lunch on Friday the Grade Fives assembled in Black’s Walk with the Grade Six students to share lunch. The Grade Six students happily shared stories about, ‘What to expect in Grade Six’, and answered questions. It was terrific to watch them all enjoying this sharing time. A big thanks to the Grade Six students and teachers for helping to make this ‘step up’ for the Grade Five students less stressful.

Last Week of Term

Next week is HUGE! Monday is Transition Day across the school. Students will spend the afternoon with their new teacher before returning to their rooms to collect their reports.

  • Remember to bring in your KK present if you are participating.
  • Students will be dismissed at 1:30pm on Friday 19th December.
  • Book Boxes will be distributed Wednesday 17th December (remember to pay before the date).

Don’t forget Carols tonight from 5:30pm in Black’s Walk!

 Have a wonderful weekend.



October 8, 2014
by georginacauchi

Excursion Levy and LPS Art Show

Hi everyone and welcome back to Term 4,

We would like to remind everybody about the LPS Art Show- Art Around the World. It is all happening this Friday night and Saturday 10/11th October.  Students should be bringing home a flier with all the details this evening, alternatively click the link below:

Art show flyer 2014

Excursion Levy- due MONDAY 13th of October. There are spare forms for you to download (if required) under, Grade Five Notices.

More from us at LPS later in the week.

The Year 5 Team

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