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October 17, 2014
by georginacauchi

Space Jump

Art Show

What an amazing display of all the talented students at LPS, especially the ceramic masks created by the Year Fives. Here is a sneak peak below in case you missed out! Thanks Mrs Wheelton for all your AWESOME work!







Leaderships Opportunities

Week two started off with some very excited students hearing all about the role of a Laburnum School Captain. The current School Captains, Steph, Grace, Brock and Josh put together a fabulous PowerPoint Presentation explaining the role of a School Captain. They delivered some excellent information to the Year Fives about what an important role a Captain plays at LPS. Next week students will be given the opportunity to write their Letter of Application at school. In the coming weeks the House Captain selection process will begin. Please see the attached ‘Advertisement’ for LPS School Captains.

LPS School Captain Advertisement

Planetarium Incursion

Wow! Who got ‘Spaced Out’ on Thursday? All the Year Fives were ‘out of this world’ when they ‘spaced jumped’ into the planetarium! Each class was ‘blasted off into space’ as they experienced the blow up planetarium in the school hall. The fabulously informative ‘astronaut’, Nick from Starlab ‘landed’ at LPS and his presentations went off with a ‘big bang’. He had our minds ‘spinning’ with new information as we ducked and dodged exploding moons, space junk and ice. We all dove for cover as the Sun came closer and closer at a balmy 5,500⁰C.  I think everyone ‘moon walked’ away with a ‘spaceship’ full of knowledge and many ‘shuttle loads’ of questions!

Check out this fabulous link- the October Night Sky: http://www.skymaps.com/

Neil Armstrong on the Moon

Neil Armstrong on the Moon

Inside the planetarium

Inside the planetarium

The Dome

The Dome











Maths Afternoon

Friday afternoon was the first of our maths afternoons. Everyone headed outside to learn about measurement and in particular, time.

  • Who could beat Usain Bolt on the athletics track?
  • How far did you pilot your paper plane?
  • What time was it in London, Tokyo or New York when we were eating lunch?
  • Do your parents know just how old they are in seconds?
  • Did you get to a whole kilometre in ‘Point of Launch’?

Next Week:

We will be ‘Hip Hopping’ through Tuesday as part of Health and PE week.

LPS Music Gala, Thursday 23rd October 7:00pm

July 22, 2014
by georginacauchi

Science News

Do you have a really good idea that might help to improve our world?

Are you in Grade 3, 4, 5 or 6?

If you answered yes to either of those questions you might like to be involved in a new group that will be getting together at lunchtime on Mondays and some Tuesdays for the next five weeks.

This group will be working together in small groups sharing ideas, problem solving and creating. They might come up with a unique invention, an energy saving technology or a simple way to make life easier.

The group will then enter their ideas in the “littleBIGidea” competition run by Origin Energy. To find out more about this competition you can visit the website at: https://www.originenergy.com.au/energyforschools/littlebigidea/  

If you are interested in joining this group please come to the Science Room on Monday 28th July at 1pm and meet with Mrs Trend.

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