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October 21, 2018
by mrssime

Patterns, Patterns, Patterns

 This week the students were very creative by focusing on various patterns in Numeracy. The unit of work is known as Number and Algebra. They looked at many different types of patterns, from the abstract to the more complex. The children had to find the number sequence according to the rule or rules which usually involved using addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. Once that was established they then had to find patterns in decimals, fractions and algebraic equations. With most of the problems the rule was not given so some thought and trial and error was needed to find that rule.

Can you find the pattern of         3.45, _____, 4.09, 4.41, ____, 5.05

t  x  5  x y

Another aspect of patterns was shape patterns which lead to tessellation (a pattern of shapes that fit together without any gaps). The children experimented with different shapes and were very clever in how they put the shapes together without forming any gaps. Some thought was also needed on how they would complete their work by using the correct colour pattern to complement their work.

Year 5 teachers

Mrs Sime, Mrs Dedes, Ms Roman, Mrs Rovatti & Miss Lushey


October 15, 2018
by mrssime

Student Leadership

We can’t believe that this is the last term our students will be known as “the year 5s”. Next year they take the reigns as leaders of the school and, to prepare them (and us!), we have begun to look at personal leadership and what it means to be a role model. Every child has the potential to be a leader whether it be on the sporting field or in the classroom and we hope that this 6-week program will provide an opportunity for all the students to fulfil their leadership potential.

Throughout the program, students will be identifying leaders in our community and the world, and the qualities and strengths of a good leader. They will also be practicing presentation skills, speech writing and how to work effectively in a team. These are skills that the students can carry with them and use throughout their lives.

So far we have been impressed that the students are able to identify good role models in their lives and are starting to identify the difference between someone who is “in charge” and someone who is a good “leader”.

We begin our elections for 2019 leadership positions in week 6 of this term. Now is a great time to have a discussion with your child about their thoughts on becoming a leader next year. It can be a really nerve-wracking time for some students but the better prepared they are, the easier it will be.

Of course, we will support them throughout this very important stage.

Year 5 teachers

Mrs Sime, Mrs Dedes, Ms Roman, Mrs Rovatti & Miss Lushey


October 7, 2018
by mrssime

Welcome back to Term 4 and Week 1 Homework

Welcome back everyone, we hope you’ve had a great break.

We can’t wait to get stuck into term 4. Strap yourselves in – it is going to be busy!!


Homework for this week:

Homework Term 4 Week 1

Your homework tasks this week are:

* Reading – 4 x 15 minutes, recorded in your diary (don’t forget to include title, author and a few sentences about what has happened in the book).

* Get your diary signed.

* Create an A4 poster (consider using Publisher or similar) showing ways that water is used in your house. You could include photos. You might like to investigate how many litres of water are used in your home (ask mum and dad to help with this – there is information about this on your water bill). You could include information about how you try to use water responsibly/reduce the amount of water used at home. It’s up to you!

This can be printed at school if necessary. You can also handwrite if you prefer.

Homework is due on Friday 12 October.

September 21, 2018
by mrssime

Farewell term 3!

What a busy term we have had! It seems like no time ago that we were beginning term 3 in the depths of winter. Our biggest event and achievement by far was Camp Rumbug. It has been wonderful to hear the students continuing to chat so enthusiastically about this camp.

We thank Mr Mottershead for taking such great care of the students in 5M while Mrs Rovatti has been on leave. She sent through an email this morning that she has begun her journey across the Nullarbor ready for her return at the start of term 4.

A big thank you to all of the students in year 5. We particularly enjoyed seeing your Inquiry work during the classroom visits yesterday.

We look forward to term 4 and all the exciting things that will be happening. But first, enjoy your break everyone!

Mrs Sime and the year 5 team

September 5, 2018
by bbrickhill

Camp Rumbug – Wednesday

This morning almost everyone slept in and only a couple of the early birds caught this beautiful sunrise over Wilson’s Promontory from the dining room windows.

The final round of rotations included:

Initiative games

Flying foxes

and one final walk up the hill with amazing views of the prom!

The weather has been amazing with today being the best of all.  Lots of tired kids will get on the bus with a huge sense of personal achievement.  Everyone rose to a personal challenge and teamwork made it possible.



September 4, 2018
by bbrickhill

Camp Rumbug – Tuesday

Today the students got up nice and early ready to greet the day.  We enjoyed a hot breakfast, toast  and cereals.  After room inspections everyone got ready for our duly rotations which included:

Low ropes


Giant Swing


Mud run



Initiative games




Student lead fun after lunch



September 3, 2018
by bbrickhill

Camp Rumbug – Monday

The first day at Camp Rumbug has been full of fun. The bus ride up was smooth with very little traffic on our route. We had a quick break at Korumburra to enjoy morning tea then travelled on to the campsite. We unpacked the bus (and yes the kids helped!) quickly and then had an explanation of camp guidelines and room allocations. After enjoying our lunches everyone got into activity groups.

The first round of activities included the giant swing, flying fox, low ropes and the mud run. The students were all really adventurous and keen to try new things. Some students showed bravery and rode the giant swing right to the top! Everyone learned to put on a harness and how to clip on before sailing along the zip line. The low ropes courses and mud run brought different challenges as without team work you got pretty muddy. It was fantastic to see everyone encouraging one another.

Mr Brickhill and his group even spotted a wallaby!  See if you can find it in the picture below.

Kids then had warm showers and put on some fresh clothes to prepare for the campfire after dinner.

August 27, 2018
by mrssime

One week until Camp Rumbug…

The Year 5 teachers will be meeting with all students this week to go through important information.


The school needs written permission in order to administer any medication. Medication forms will be distributed to students this week. Please place any medication your child requires into a clearly labelled zip lock bag with the medication form inside. This needs to be given to Bernadette Sparkes in the First Aid room on the morning of departure. A copy of this form has been attached to this blog post.Medication Authorization-2g4c6yq


Please ensure that your child has a snack, lunch (disposable wrapping please) and a drink bottle packed into their backpack (which will travel on the bus with them). Our first meal at Camp Rumbug is not until dinner on Monday evening. DO NOT PLACE PACKED LUNCH IN YOUR CHILD’S MAIN LUGGAGE.


In accordance with the school Sunsmart policy, your child must have their Laburnum school hat (in their backpack) in order to take part in camp activities. Please send along a beanie as well for outdoor activities at night.

Please contact your child’s teacher if you have any questions or concerns. I have attached the packing list to this post in case you need another copy. Make sure everything is clearly named (Black Sharpies are great for this!) and remember clothes will get wet and muddy!

Clothing List 2018-118fdgfMedication Authorization-2g4c6yq

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