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July 27, 2017
by LH

Week 2

Week two of term three has been full of exciting discussions and recount writing about our holidays.

Information reports are also featuring in our writing, with many different animals being researched to ensure we are using factual information.

Everyone is ready for the great new learning that we will be doing in units such as Chemical Science. We have been exploring the properties of solids, liquids and gases and will continue to delve more deeply into this.

In Numeracy, the classes have jumped at the opportunity to be a part (pun intended) of a cohort using fractions, decimals and percentages in our everyday world.

You may find yourself being measured in centimetres or kilograms this week as the classes decide which measurement tool is appropriate for various commodities.

All of the teachers have enjoyed sharing the students’ portfolios with the parents and carers who attended the three way conferences with their children. It is wonderful to celebrate how far each child has progressed in the last six months.

July 22, 2017
by LH

Welcome to Term 3

We are half way through the year already! All of the teachers have had a great time seeing all of the students again and enjoyed hearing all about their holidays. We have all been so impressed by how efficiently the students have been able to settle back into the classroom routines.

This term, we are emphasising on one Habit of Mind each week. As a whole class we will discuss what the habit entails and how we can use each habit on a daily basis. This week we have started our fractions and decimals unit. The students have been working on equal fractions and deepening their understandings of the ‘part of a whole’ concept.
For Writing, we have recapped our holidays by writing a recount and are about to begin learning about information reports. The students are immersing themselves in the Science unit about Chemistry and are on the edge of their seats to dive into more experiments!

We hope you have a restful weekend after such a busy first week back at school! We are excited to celebrate each student’s learning throughout Semester 1, during the 3 Way Conferences next week. If you have not booked a time and would like to, please contact us as soon as possible.


Thank you,

The Year 5 Teachers

June 21, 2017
by misstsmith

Day 3 Camp Rumbug

Another fun filled day at Camp Rumbug. After the early morning drizzle we headed off in our groups to the giant swing, abseiling, bushcraft, trust exercises, canoeing, the flying fox and aeroball.

The students had a ball, working with each other to achieve their personal and team goals.

We have had some delicious meals, with tonight’s dinner of chicken schnitzel a definite favourite.

We look forward to more rotations tomorrow.

Yr 5 team.  Continue Reading →

June 20, 2017
by misstsmith

Camp Rumbug

Day 1

After a great bus trip we arrived at Coal Creek for morning tea. We filled up on snacks, had a quick toilet stop and then we were back on the road heading to Camp Rumbug. As the buses pulled into the driveway, we could hardly contain our excitement!

We had lunch, set up our rooms and put on some old clothes for the Mud Run. As we made our way down Wombat Track and started to see the Mud Run and its obstacles, it definitely exceeded our expectations. The Mud Run was soooo much fun (and not to mention sooo muddy), all students worked extremely well as a team to encourage each other to make it over the rope climb, through the tunnels and  into the mud pit! We are extremely proud of our efforts.

We also did archery, tree climbing and low ropes in the afternoon. As the cooks in the kitchen prepared a delicious meal the students had showers and were dressed and ready for spaghetti and apple crumble by 5:30pm. The night concluded with 50/50 games and then off to bed for a good night’s rest.

Day 2

Rise and shine! the students were up out of bed and ready for breakfast and the day ahead. We made our way to a range of activities including canoeing, team challenges, raft building, flying fox, abseiling, aeroball and archery.

The activities were great, but the attitudes and team spirit of the students – amazing!! They all tried their best, worked collaboratively and again were supportive of each other.

After a day filled with so much excitement, we had a scrumptious dinner and are just about to start our night activity ‘Scrapheap Challenge.’

We look forward to another fantastic day tomorrow. A big hello to our parents and families at home, we look forward to seeing you on Friday.

Year 5 students!!

June 6, 2017
by LH

What has been happening in Year 5?

Year five have enjoyed hosting our parents in our classrooms during Education Week.

Students displayed their diverse work samples and were able to explain what they have learned over the last couple of terms to their family members.

The classroom maths games proved to be a fun opportunity for students to teach (and beat) their parents during a classroom session. Sharing knowledge with a dose of laughter helped cement new learning and encourage students to explore more complex problems.

Thank you to all our families who have returned the mountain of camp forms – more are on the way! The camp is getting very close now and the children and teachers are very excited. It is sure to be a wonderful experience for everyone involved.

We have started to discuss and write procedural texts this week. These are proving to be lots of fun as we role play the instructions and see if the task can be completed successfully. Examples such as setting a table (gasp) and shuffling a pack of cards were successfully written.

May 19, 2017
by LH

Week 5

Another busy and productive week among the Year 5 students and we are about half way through the term!

This week in Maths, we have begun the Chance unit. We have been focusing on the language  used to determine the likelihood of an event or an occurrence. For our first lesson, the students used terms such as impossible, unlikely, likely, probable and certain to measure events and circumstances. How likely will it be for our first excursion to be amazingly fun and interesting?

In Literacy, all of the Year 5 teachers were blown away by the imaginative and descriptive language used in the students narrative writing. The students were given free choice for their narrative topic and have been so excited to add dramatic build ups and intensifying complications. It will be great to read the final published versions!  The students also worked on some special posters that display their knowledge of figurative language for the upcoming Education Week (Week 6).


  • Laburnum Open Night, Tuesday 23rd May from 7:00 – 8:00 pm.
  • Year 5 Open Morning, Thursday 25th May from 9:00 – 9:50 am.
  • Please return all of the camp forms and payments ASAP.


Thank you,

Year 5 Teachers

May 17, 2017
by LH

Camp Rumbug

It is very exciting to announce that Camp Rumbug is only 5 weeks away!

Please make sure that your child’s deposit is paid ASAP and that all medical and consent forms are returned.

A ‘what to bring’ list will be sent home closer to camp.

If you have any questions please come and speak to your child’s teacher.


Thank you,

Year 5 Teachers

May 2, 2017
by LH


NAPLAN tests are being administered next week, so we thought it would be timely to post a couple of articles about helping your child prepare for these tests.

If you have any questions, please come and see your child’s classroom teacher or the Year 5 Learning Leader, Lexie Hartney.

Thank you.

preparing for NAPLAN

preparing for tests


May 1, 2017
by LH

Week 2 in Year 5

We have enjoyed another fast and fascinating short week in Year Five! Challenging ourselves to focus on our learning while discovering new facts and sharing  new perspectives has been a great start to the term.

We have delved into Science – Biology! – as well as Geography. Thinking about how things survive and the curious adaptations both human and animal life make to live in diverse environments has amused and bemused us all.

The whole school respectfully listened to some Anzac Day stories during eating time on Monday, with students gaining further appreciation for the sacrifices that so many made so that we can all enjoy living in our wonderful Australia.

We hope you enjoyed the public holiday on Tuesday. As early as Monday we got to experience football (go the Dees!!!) and some families will have attended the special Anzac Day match.

There is an excursion to note if you are involved with the NGV trip on Wednesday, May 3. We look forward to hearing and reading about the experiences in which these students participated.

April 21, 2017
by LH

Welcome Back!

During the first week of Term 2, the Year 5 students were busy writing recounts about their holidays and it sounds like everyone had a fantastic time!

This term, the students will be using their inquiry skills to learn and explore concepts in Biology and Geography. These units of work will be supported by the upcoming excursion to the Melbourne Museum and IMAX in May. There has already been discussions about animal adaptations and different climates around the world. Below is an example from the What could I be? Quiz that the students investigated in Biology;

I live in a polar region and have white fur, what could I be?

In Maths, we are learning about multiplication and location. For the first lesson the students played Multiplication Toss using a grid to draw the array for each equation, it was a fun and challenging game! The location lessons saw students using a Melways to locate their homes, Laburnum Primary School and local shops and then recording the grid references for each place. They have also looked at a map of Camp Rumbug and started pondering over the different activities that were listed on the map.

It was only a 4 day week but there was a lot of things happening!

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